Put your accounts in the cloud!

Excel spreadsheets and paper based accounting systems have all worked well in thecloud bookkeeping software reviews
past. However, with the business world getting faster and faster, fueled by new technologies and different ways of working, it is time for change. Cloud bookkeeping software gives the freedom which is demanded by modern business. Having your accounts accessible, in a secure location from anywhere is a huge step forward when it comes to keeping track of your business accounting.

The cloud isn’t necessarily a ‘new’ concept, but when it’s coupled with a software to make your life easier, then it becomes something you seriously need to consider using. Keeping your business on track, having full transparency on your accounts and also keeping on top of your in goings and out goings are just a few things that a cloud bookkeeping software will bring to the table.

With all of your business accounting stored securely in a cloud location, it means you can give your accountant easy access for when they need to work on it, such as tax returns. Many consultants and freelancers also take full advantage of cloud accounting as they are often not working out of a permanent office and can access their data from no matter their working location.

I’m no bookkeeping expert, can I still use cloud accounting?

The beauty of cloud accounting software is that there are plenty of options to choose from. Many can be used by a total beginner, someone who has never used a bookkeeping software before or has even done business bookkeeping! You want to get the right software to suit you. if you’re a beginner you don’t want to start using one that is quite technical, pick out something with a user friendly interface.

If a bookkeeping software has been designed with a clean, easy to use interface, it can really give people who have little experience confidence in doing their own bookkeeping. Check out our tips section.

Finding a suitable cloud bookkeeping software

We created this website to help people find a software that fits them. Everyone has different needs and varying bookkeeping skills. We found that there really wasn’t a website out there, offering honest and open reviews on accounting software. Your search should start with our software reviews. As well as reviewing all the parts to each cloud bookkeeping software, we also highlight what we did like and what we didn’t like on each package.

We have also incorporated a 5 star review system, there is also an option for you to rate the software as well, either via the star system or leave comments after the review, or both!

We have reviewed most of the main cloud bookkeeping software packages out there, and will continue to review further software as and when it becomes available. Get all the details on our review criteria.