Confused about what accounting software package to choose?

If you’re just starting out in business there are a lot of things to learn in a short bookkeeping software
amount of time. It’s a sharp, steep learning curve and one you have to conquer if you’re to get your new business off the ground. Whilst you’re busy kick starting your business with new clients, pushing all of your marketing efforts into influential areas, you will need to find time for your business bookkeeping.

Staying one step ahead of your bookkeeping is a sure way to give your business the best chance possible. Accurate bookkeeping will help you avoid penalties from HMRC and also equally as important, will give you full transparency on your cash flow.

I’ve got an accountant, but what now?

Great, you’ve taken the plunge and got yourself an accountant. They will look after your tax returns, making sure everything arrives on time at HMRC, avoiding those dreaded late penalty fines. Your accountant will also advise you on what is claimable, they will help your business grow and hopefully make your money work better for you. Although having an accountant, some people will opt for still doing their own bookkeeping. An accountant will normally also offer a bookkeeping service, however if you’re running a small business or operating as an individual (sole trader/ freelancer) it’s an option to do it yourself.

OK, what accounting software should I use?

All of the main players in the accounting software industry now offer their software in a cloud format. This basically means that you can access your accounts anywhere (with an internet connection). The cloud software is hosted on secure servers, so all of you information is safe. A big advantage to using cloud accounting software is the fact you can give you accountant access to your bookkeeping, so they can log in when it comes to doing your tax return.

You should try out a few accounting software packages before making your choice. Many have free trial periods which offer up enough time to get a grasp of the software. If you’re a beginner (virtually no bookkeeping experience/skills) go for a software that is designed for beginners. They will offer plenty of support, a nice easy dashboard to navigate and non technical.

Of course, if you’re a bookkeeping whizz then there will be plenty of choice for more technical accounting software!

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