Eight Great Benefits of Cloud Bookkeeping

If you’re still keeping accounts using software on your computer – or, shock horror, in an accounts book – it’s time you made the move to a simpler, more secure way of keeping financial records. And that simpler, more secure way is cloud bookkeeping. Here are our eight reasons...

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Ethical Online Marketplace Opens for Scottish Small Businesses

  A new initiative is set to boost ethical and independent trading for Scottish small businesses, providing an alternative to big name brands and high street stores. The Common Market The initiative is a new online marketplace dedicated to “local, independent and ethical” Scottish producers. The ‘Common Market’ is...

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Keep That Cash Flow Flowing!

One of the biggest challenges for any start-up or freelancer is maintaining a steady cash flow, but that can be easier said than done when it depends on the availability of work or custom – and the speed and reliability with which your customers or clients pay. However, there...

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