Eight Great Benefits of Cloud Bookkeeping

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If you’re still keeping accounts using software on your computer – or, shock horror, in an accounts book – it’s time you made the move to a simpler, more secure way of keeping financial records. And that simpler, more secure way is cloud bookkeeping. Here are our eight reasons why cloud bookkeeping is ideal for you, whether you’re a freelancer or small business owner:

  • You Can Forget About Back-Ups

    Your data is stored in the Cloud, meaning it’s not held on just one server but many; if your Cloud provider is worth their salt, those servers will be in a variety of places, keeping your data secure if there is damage to servers at a certain location.

  • You Can Forget About Updating Your Accounting Software

    Updates will be performed on the cloud software automatically, saving you time, money, hassle and the risk of downtime and lost data when updates fail to install correctly or software expires.

  • You Have Anytime, Anywhere Access

    Your data can be accessed at any time and any place you wish, providing you’ve got an internet connection, making it easier to record expenses and payments on the go.

  • You Can Share the Load

    Improved access means that keeping the books in order no longer needs to be the responsibility of one individual. You, your accountant and any employee or business partner you grant permission to can all access your accounts and financial information instantly, making collaboration, decision-making and working out of the office a doddle.

  • Your Data Is Bang Up To Date

    Because your data is held on the cloud, whenever and wherever you access it, it will always be bang up to date. No waiting for people to download data from memory sticks or update the accounts in the afternoon – or at the end of the week! – when they’re at ‘the’ computer that your accounting software is on. Now everyone with access to your Cloud accounts can see an up-to-the minute picture of your business finances.

  • Improved Customer Support

    Your Cloud bookkeeping provider will able to see be instantly where any problem lies, should something go wrong – and there’s a high chance that they can fix it without moving from their chair! No phone calls trying to explain the problem; no wait for a support technician from the software company; and no concerns about whether it’s your computer, the user or the software that’s the issue. Your provider can see what’s occurred and will have those answers and the solution.

  • Easy Payment Terms

    Most Cloud based accounting packages are paid for by monthly fee, so there’s one regular, predictable monthly expense that gives you access to regularly updated, fully supported bookkeeping software, and securely stored and backed-up data. Expensive and unexpected software updates and pricey new versions are things of the past.

  • Safe, Secure Software and Data

    Who can access your data? That’s up to you. They will need a login for your business Cloud bookkeeping account – so if a laptop is stolen from your business or an employee, the thief will be unable to access your financial information; it’s stored in the Cloud, not on the laptop, a USB stick or any other device used in or out of your premises. This means that in the event of any theft, fire or other disaster that might occur at your business premises, your financial records are safe.


So what are you waiting for? Move your accounts to the Cloud today and relax, knowing it’s never been so easy to keep your information safe, accessible and up-to-the minute accurate! Check out our latest cloud accounting software reviews!