Pandle Review

Pandle is a great accounting software package for beginners and for simple businesses. We would highly recommend it. However if you need features such as stock control, currency conversion and lots of reporting then Pandle would not be right for you.

KashFlow Accounting Review

Kashflow Review

We liked Kashflow and we really wanted it to score high (higher than it did). However there are certain things that let it down which is a real shame because with a few tweaks here and there it could be head and shoulders above the rest.

Crunch Review

Overall we felt the concept was floored and not flexible enough, and overpriced compared to other options available. Crunch targets freelancers and contractors which is good because they probably won’t have an awful lot of transactions to process. We couldn’t help feeling though that this would be a bit over the top for a simple freelance business.


Quickbooks Online Review

Quickbooks Online is great to look at but is cumbersome and time consuming to use. We think this would be a great solution for businesses with relatively few transactions and businesses that like reports! If you’re not too concerned with the length of time it takes to enter transactions then Quickbooks Online is definitely worth a look.


Clear Books Review

Overall we liked Clear Books but it does take some getting used to. Professional Bookkeepers are unlikely to want to use this software but for a small business with a moderate amount of transactions it could make sense particularly if they like nice looking software and lots of features to play with.