freshbooks software review

Freshbooks review

We liked Freshbooks but please be aware that this is mainly for invoicing (which it does extremely well) and not traditional accounting software. If you asked Freshbooks how to enter opening balances you would be faced with a blank expression. Your accountant would probably rather you used an alternative to make their lives easier but you should be able to get away with it if you have a very simple business and are not VAT registered.

Liquid Accountants

Liquid Online Accounts Review

Suffice to say that we did not like Liquid Online Accounts in the slightest. It is a shame because the design is good and with it being developed in the UK the potential was there to offer UK businesses a more comprehensive system compared to the bigger more generic software packages, but unfortunately this wasn’t the case.

Kashoo Accounting Software Review

Kashoo review

If you’re a small business that is not VAT Registered and are looking for something easy to use then Kashoo could be a reasonable solution. However if you’re looking for something feature rich with nice invoice templates etc, then cross Kashoo off your list.